Use forestry CMS

Do you prefer managing your site using a CMS? Or would you like to make it easier for someone (a non-techie, perhaps) in your team to make edits easily? If interested, follow along. Else, skip to the next section

Let's sync your site with forestry CMS.

Prerequisites !!

Obviously you ought to have a github account. This is where your website source will live. Basically, forestry will read from github and write (commmit) to your github repo.

Gitlab or bitbucket will work too. Just check their implementation here. Happy fishing.

Requirement 1 : A Forestry account

Jump over to forestry and sign up for an account. Consider signing up using your github account. That way, you don't have to deal with passwords.

Requirement 2: A Netlify account (optional)

If you intend to host with something other than Netlify e.g github pages, please scroll on. Hosting with Netlify is a lot of fun though; I highly recommend it.

Step 1 : Fork or Clone Compse theme

First we will fork this theme's template.

Step 2 : Add your repository in Forestry

The exampleSite already comes with prefilled default forestry settings. If you set up your site using option 2, look for a file .forestry/settings.yml and remove all exampleSite/ strings from it.

Go to your forestry account and click on import your site now.

  1. Choose hugo
  2. github or gitlab. wherever your repo is at.
  3. Select your repo