Content organization

This theme is primarily meant for documentation.


By default, the theme will look for all your documentation content within the docs directory.

However, if you would like to have your docs content across multiple directories, please list those directories inside config/_default/params.toml under docSections like so:

docSections = ["docs", "tutorials"]

Unlike other regular pages, the documentation pages will have a left sidebar. This sidebar will list links to all the pages in the documentation pages. Beneath each link, there will be a collapsible list of table of contents' links. These nested lists will unfold automatically on the active/current page.

Home Page

At the root level there's an page which is the homepage. Feel free to edit it as you like.

Other pages

You can also add as many regular pages as you like e.g,

Take advantage of shortcodes to customize the layouts of these pages and any other.

Does this theme support blogging function?

Currently, no.