Customize layouts & components

Shortcodes modifiers

These modifiers are classes you can use with shortcodes to customize the look and feel of your layouts and components.


modifier space
grid-2 2 columns
grid-3 3 columns
grid-4 4 columns


modifier space
mt-1 1.5rem top margin
mt-2 3rem top margin
mt-3 4.5rem top margin
mt-4 6rem top margin

use pt-1 ~ pt-4 for top padding

modifier space
mb-1 1.5rem bottom margin
mb-2 3rem bottom margin
mb-3 4.5rem bottom margin
mb-4 6rem bottom margin

use pb-1 ~ pb-4 for bottom padding

How do I disable dark mode?

Under params add enableDarkMode = false to your config.toml file. If your site is based on the exampleSite, the value is already included; you only need to uncomment it.

The user will still have the option to activate dark mode, if they so wish through the UI

How do I change the theme color?

If the theme is a git submodule, you can copy the file assets/sass/_variables.sass from the theme into your own site. The location must be exactly the same as in the theme, so put it in YourFancySite/assets/sass/. You can then edit the file to customize the theme color in your site without having to modify the theme itself.

How can I change the address bar color on mobile devices?

Just put the following line in the [params] section in your config.toml file (and of course change the color):

1metaThemeColor = "#123456"

How do I add custom styles, scripts, meta tags e.t.c

Use hooks. Ideally, you should not override the them directly.

Instead, you should duplicate these files at the root of you site directory.

  1. layouts/partials/hooks/head.html
  2. layouts/partials/hooks/scripts.html

The contents of the first file will be attached just before the </head> tag.

The contents of the second file will be attached just before the </body> tag.

Alternatively, if you want to use the config.toml to track your custom styles or scripts, declare them as slices under [params] like so:

3customCSS = [styleURL1, styleURL2 ...]
4customJS = [scriptURL1, scriptURL2 ... ]

I want to add custom SASS or JS

Add custom SASS and JS via this custom SASS file and this custom JavaScript file.

How to change site favicon

Your favicons should be stored inside static/favicons directory.

Here are some of the favicon files that you should have in that folder:

├── android-chrome-192x192.png
├── android-chrome-512x512.png
├── apple-touch-icon.png
├── favicon-16x16.png
├── favicon-32x32.png
├── favicon.ico
└── site.webmanifest

We recommend you consider using this tool while generating your favicons.